Meet The Owners

2 teachers + 1 love of all things cheese = Honey & Goat Grazing Company

Picture it, a girls' beach trip, a condo balcony, a bottle of wine, and one Hormel charcuterie tray. That is how our love for charcuterie started, and we've never looked back! Hi, we're Stacy and Brantley! The two friends behind Honey & Goat Grazing Company! We've joked before that cheese is the glue to our relationship, and we even started a club with our friends just for girl talk, wine, and charcuterie. Let's be honest, can you ever have enough of any of that?

We both spend our days in the classroom teaching, but on the weekends, we spend our time creating beautiful boxes for you to enjoy! Creating your grazing boxes has become our favorite part of the week. Whether it is a thank you gift or a gift to yourself, we put so much thought and care into each box we make. We have a firm belief that every time you graze, it should be an experience.

Thank you for trusting us with some of your most precious moments, and all the "just for fun" ones in between! We truly appreciate all of your support, and we want you to remember that you deserve this.